Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Understanding Your Child's Dental Care

Q: What age is best for a child’s
first dental visit?

A: The ideal age to start your child’s dental visits is after they turn 2; however, if you have special concerns, we will see your child earlier.


Q: How old will we see patients?

A: We will see your child through college. We hope that after college they will be more settled and will hopefully only have to change dental homes once.


Q: What dental insurances do we take?

A: We will accept any dental insurance that will pay to us. This includes almost all PPOs and private insurances. We are in network with Delta Premiere, Cigna, Aetna, Sunlife, United Healthcare, and many others. You can always call the office, and we will be glad to discuss your insurance needs.


Q: Do we accept Medicaid, Wellcare, Peachstate, Amerigroup, CoreSource, DentaQuest, or any
other CHIP/Peachcare insurance?

A: No, you must be a Medicaid provider to accept any
of these.


Q: Do we take Care Credit?

A: Yes. With shorter term financing options, CareCredit can help you to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by dental insurance.


Q: Will my dental insurance cover everything?

A: Usually, no. 100% means they will pay 100% of whatever amount they set. Every insurance sets amounts that they pay for each item. They say they are usual and customary for the area, but the truth is they can be more than our charges or significantly less. We will try to estimate what your insurance benefits will cover and what your portion will look like.


Q: What is the normal time for teeth
to come in?

A: Every child is different, but most get their first tooth between 3 and 6 months. The earlier the child gets their first baby tooth, the earlier they will generally lose their first tooth (average age 5-7)

Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC
Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC