Gainesville Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Taking the Fear Out of Dental Care

Getting dental care is not always easy for kids.

Some can’t sit still long enough to receive treatment. Some find it difficult and uncomfortable to open their mouths so wide. Some have had unhappy experiences with dentistry in the past, while some are simply too young to understand what is happening or simply frightened.

We treat kids with respect and talk to them on their level.

And we use the quietest tools and gentlest touch possible. But when all of those efforts just aren’t enough, or when more extensive treatments are necessary, sedation dentistry can bridge the gap between fear and total comfort.

Our mission really is to take the fear out of dentistry – and sometimes, that means utilizing the soothing effects of dental sedation. Sedation dentistry safely and effectively relaxes our patients so they can receive the care they need, without any fear. We offer both nitrous oxide – commonly referred to as laughing gas – and IV sedation, for extensive treatment needs.

Special needs or extra-sensitive child? Relax. We have sedation dentistry. Ask us what might be right for your child today!

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Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is commonly used in pediatric dentistry because it is extremely effective and wears off immediately after administration has stopped — without lingering side effects. The gas is usually delivered through a mask placed over the nose and mixed with oxygen. This kind of sedative is considered extremely safe, is well tolerated by children, works quickly, is easily reversible, and is non-allergenic. Kids are fully conscious, just more relaxed and at ease.

IV Sedation

For our youngest and special needs patients, or children who need more advanced treatments when milder sedation isn’t appropriate, we also offer IV sedation. This can be a real smile saver, keeping kids who simply cannot be treated in a traditional setting, safe, healthy, and cavity free. With the assistance of a pediatric anesthesiologist, treatment is provided right here in our office.

Healthy Smiles for Life

We do not take our young patients’ comfort lightly. Feeling at ease with the dentist can make all the difference for a child’s future dental health – adult dental phobias generally stem from negative dental experiences in childhood. And avoidance of the dentist can lead to tooth decay, gum infection, tooth loss, and general health problems stemming from oral infections. We certainly don’t want that!

Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC
Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC Thomas J. Weyrich, DDS, PC